Contact management

Simple contact management with a full range of options is key of cloudCRM. In one blink of an eye you will have an entire history track with your customer, supplier, ...

  • Link people to organisations or add relations
  • Manage & consult all mail communication
  • File manager per contact
  • Backtrack every contact: meetings, calls, mails, invoices, ...


Let your websites work for you: generate new leads & prospects automatically into your lead database. Send out newsletters, sales & product info, ... Track the result and add actions: visits, calls, ... to create prospects/warm leads. Opt-ed out leads will automatically be removed from new campaigns so you can focus your effort to where it really matters.

CloudCRM puts no limitation on the amount of recipients, no extra license or 3rd party software needed! Just choose the list(s) of recipients, the mail to be send, send out a test mail and plan or immediately mail - cloudCRM takes care of the rest!


CloudCRM helps your sales team to the fullest: manage leads, create campaigns to generate opportunities via multiple channels ( mailing, calling, websites, meetings, ... ), registered sales & send invoices.

With great tracking & reporting possibilities you can optimize your sales team & operations:

  • Receive a daily, weekly & monthly review of calls, visits, sales, meetings, opportunities, ...
  • Transparency & efficiency through a complete history track per lead, contact, ...
  • Export results through csv of opportunities, sales, invoices, ...
  • Difference roles & restrictions available (sales manager, (cold) caller, account & financial management, ... )


Communication is key: CloudCRM synchronizes automatically mail communication with your contacts independent of the used mail client: outlook, thunderbird, imail, webmail, ... on your pc/desktop, smartphone or tablet!

Never forget about your meetings or tasks again, simple use cloudCRM calendar or synchronizes to your smartphone, tablet or pc/desktop calendar!

Usage with professional VoIP Telephony possible: ITAF Telefonie