Top 10 reasons to invest in CloudCRM

Made by customers for customers

CloudCRM is developed together with customers from different branches to be suitable for most important business processes. CloudCRM can be easily configured to support your business needs, save time and increase productivity. Simple and effective.


ITAF take your security seriously – we continuously take measures in improving security features on different levels, ensuring the best protection of your data. CloudCRM is hosted on a cloud server (on one of our data-centers) and is fully managed & monitored so your sensitive business data is always safe and protected.


Each business has unique needs that require adaptation of applications in order to support them the right way. ITAF is here to analyse and develop your business request while project managers dive into your business processes to ensure that the cloudCRM is configured to support your business processes.

Unified communication

Communication is key of business success. CloudCRM enables synchronisation with your current communication structure:
Mailing: IMAP, POP3 or Exchange
Agenda/Calendar support
Telephony (VoIP) for business usage

One application

No more fumbling with multiple applications and associated licensing costs. Manage your leads, opportunities and campaigns efficiently while creating offers and quotes. Managing your sales opportunities never was easier.
CloudCRM is here to support marketing team too! Send marketing emails to recruit new customers, or send a newsletter to keep your existing customers informed about your services or products – all through one application.


CloudCRM is created by people and for people which means you will not have unused functions. CloudCRM is customized to fulfill all your business needs while helping you keep your data in reach. Simple, effective and affordable.

Trust & experience

With 20 years of experience in IT sector, ITAF is here to be your trusted partner. Thanks to a transparent and direct communication with our customers through our enthusiastic & professional approach we successfully developed cloudCRM – unique CRM that suits your business needs.

No license cost per user

Your business grow? Your CRM should too! ITAF doesn’t use license per user which means that you fully manage user accounts. With cloudCRM every business team expansion can be included with simple new user creation.
Simple and user-friendly just like small and medium business needs it!

Your CRM online

The cloudCRM is a webapplication so there is no need to install any program on your computer. You can browse to the application via any desktop or tablet, wherever you are. Further more, the cloudCRM synchronizes all your meetings, calls, … to the calendar on your smartphone – very mobile!

Support and expansion

ITAF gives an all round support for your organisation. This from simply by answering your questions to adding new functionality to the cloudCRM, … provided by our professional service desk.

Convert more LEADS into REVENUE


Simplest way to support your marketing and sales team.

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